Kidikingdom Club

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The Club.

Kidikingdon club of Nigeria (KCN) was established to create a balance of fun, entertainment and education. It is a unique association of smart kids with excellent characters and qualities who also have the opportunity of being molded and mentored to become great future leaders which Nigeria needs to become a great nation.

The Objectives

The objectives of KCN include:

  • To create an avenue of fun, entertainment and education outside the walls of schools.
  • To raise excellent children with strong character and integrity.
  • To foster mutual relationship among Nigerian children from diverse backgrounds.
  • To educate and energize children about performing their responsibilities towards national development.
  • To discover and develop children’s talents in children.
  • To cater for the needs of children and help them develop in three domains of learning: cognitive, Affective and psychomotive.
  • ...we have quality and educative materials and activities that will equip every child to become the best in life and excel in their studies

    For Who

    KCN is open to children between the ages of seven (7) and thirteen (13). Children under this age level from all tribes and nations are welcome to be a member.


  • Workshop.
  • Funfair.
  • Debate/Quiz.
  • Competitions.
  • Excursions/ facility visits.
  • School visits and monitoring; etc.
  • Publication and distribution of educational materials to orphanage homes/schools.

    KCN members meet quarterly (once in four months) at a designated place. The detailed information of the meeting would be announced to the members before time.


  • Free copies of the kidikingdom magazine.
  • Association with great and smart kids like you.
  • Opportunity to network and widen your cycle of friends
  • Improved behavior and performance.
  • Exposure as a result of visits to places of interest.
  • Subsidized fee for all trips and events.
  • Opportunity to meet one-on-one with celebrities you’ve always admired on the screen.
  • School visits, to check up on their school activities.
  • Celebration of your birthday and other lovely events by sending gifts.
  • NOTE: Great reward also available for members who invite their friends to become members too.


    1. Get a copy of kidikingdom magazine
    2. Fill in the membership form at the back
    3. Pay the annual membership due of =N= 5000 to the account given
    4. Detach the form and send it along with the (photocopies of teller) to the Editor;


    1. Pay the annual membership due of =N= 5000 to the bank.
    2. Send your Name, age, gender, address, sate of origin, phone numbers, Email and teller number to:

    Kidi, or 08023661067, 080333273955 etc.


    The 5000 naira covers the membership kits. It is payable annually.


    kidikingdom is affiliated to other children groups such as:

  • Kidikingdom Anthony village Lagos.
  • Ikoyi Club
  • Polo Club.
  • Nnena and friends, etc.


  • KCN has on the list of mentors, the following people:


    Children are the leaders of tomorrow that tomorrow begins today. Become a member of KCN today. Corporate organizations are also welcome for partnership and sponsorship.